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Wil de Boer (DFL1946)Senior Captain
Wijchen -NL
Member since 13 Aug 2018Active

hi all,
I`m flying almost since the beginning with microsoft fs. Found by first visit flightsim weekend online flying. Ive possible I stay on fsx because own so much scenery .
since 2002 vatsim and since 2003 ivao.

I`M retired, married 2 kids and 4 grandchildren .
traveling and biking besides fsx are the biggest hobby`s .

Greece Island Hop
26 Sep 2018
20 Legs 5.675NM  

Number of flights:93 Last flight18-03-2019 21:18:04z
Hours flown:1751:29 Average flight time:1:32
Total flown distance:33 733 NM Average flight distance:363 NM
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